Why do social engagement?

Social engagement allows scholars to connect our work both within academia and to the public at large. Giving our research a broader impact means a chance to inform the present, shape the future, and increase our access to funding. 

About Us

The Joint Caucus of Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCSEPHS) was founded in 2012 to promote research, educational and public activities in history and philosophy of science that constructively engages matters of social welfare. The JCSEPHS seeks to bridge scholarly research and public debate on science funding, research ethics, race and gender in science, risk assessment, climate science, the status of embryos, genetically modified foods or organisms, and other scientific and technological matters involved in public policy debates.


Our mission is to build a community of philosophers and historians of science interested in social engagement, where we all can share resources and tools to help us reach our audiences.


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